Prestige Scheduler works seamlessly with your existing systems and future investments, whether they are multi-million dollar manufacturing information systems like SAP or developed in house. Pivotal Z has connected over 50 unique MIS and database systems. Our goal is zero double data-entry.

Scheduler has three main points for bringing external data into Prestige Scheduler. They are importing jobs, synching shop floor, and allocating and tracking inventory. A fourth point of integration would be reading and exporting data out of Scheduler for a variety of reasons. Use your existing estimating/production order system to provide job details to Scheduler without re-entering data. The minimum a job requires is a unique job number, a quantity and due date, and one or more activities with their planned time and quantity. Much more is generally included to provide rich information to use in the scheduling process. Our Job Importer can incorporate any custom business rules to reduce double data-entry to zero. And when a job changes in your system, those changes can update the job in Prestige Scheduler. Utilize Prestige Scheduler for shop floor data collection or keep scheduler up to date with the shop floor by connecting it with your data collection system. As activities start, stop, and complete Scheduler’s Active board displays real-time progress. Take advantage of direct machine interfaces to update and display minute by minute quantity updates on the active board. Even without integrating to your inventory system, Prestige Scheduler’s material reports can help you track anticipated inventory consumption for just-in-time stock deliveries. Connect to your raw-material inventory to allocate on-hand stock against scheduled jobs, and track outstanding POs and receipts for better visibility. Stock requirements and status can be viewed at the process, part, or job level. Prestige works well to extend MRP systems like BPCS and SAP, providing the day-to-day scheduling detail that monthly MRP lacks. Customizable integration ensures that we can work with your unique implementation and bring the best out of both systems. Contact us at +1 425 481 9345 to set up your 60-day trial period of Prestige Scheduler. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you got along without it.

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