Prestige Scheduler uses industry-standard terminology to describe aspects of print production and manufacturing. These may differ from your own internal language. Therefore, it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with these terms as they are used by Prestige Scheduler.

Parts — Also known as Forms or Components. These are job components that may or may not come together at the end of the job. Examples might be book binding and client approval of a proof. Parts may consist of one or more process.

Processes — Also known as Activities. These are job steps that are scheduled against a particular resource. Printing, folding, and trimming could each be a process.

Resource — Sometimes known as Work Centers. Resources include equipment and stations that perform specific tasks, such as the press, folder, and 3 knife trimmer. A resource is an individual piece of equipment, but can also represent individual or groups of personnel, and vendors doing outsourced work. Resources appear on the Electronic Schedule Board as rows with colored bars representing the scheduled time for each process.

Work Centers — This is a group of Resources. For example, three presses make up a work center, as do two folding machines.

Material Resources — Material Resources include paper stock.  Prestige Scheduler may also be used to track ink, customer supplied materials, and any other externally supplied component.

Electronic Planning Board (EPB) — In Prestige Scheduler, this is where you will see each job’s processes and parts in a workflow timeline. This is the graphic view of your production workflow.

Design Mode — This is an interactive timeline and planner that allows you to move jobs and adjust workflow. These changes are not live. They are happening in a safe, offline virtual timeline that allows you to instantly see the results your changes would make as you make them.

Active Mode — The live working schedule. This real-time schedule is visible by all users in Monitor Mode and is kept up-to-the-minute by shop floor data collection throughout the facility.  Publishing changes from Design Mode updates the plan so supervisors and operators are always working off the latest information.

Milestone Prerequisite — Milestones are simple prerequisites which indicate if any requirement has been completed. Milestones are assigned to a process and may include a due date and time which Prestige Scheduler uses as the earliest start for the process.  Milestones are not individually scheduled on the EPB, but a scheduled process may not appear “Ready” until all of its prerequisites are completed.  Handy to-do lists for each milestone are sorted by the current start time for the process to which they are attached.

A common Milestone in printing is for Plating.  Each offset press run requires plates to be done before it can show ready to run.  Plating to-do lists are automatically sorted to the press schedule so Pre-Press is always doing the right job at the right time.