An accurate and responsive production scheduling, planning and tracking system is an invaluable tool for complex organizations. It is the key link between production, sales, and management – a critical point, often stressed with the communication demands.

Prestige Scheduler is more than a finite capacity scheduler – it is a communications tool. It connects with virtually any software. Import jobs, arrange the schedule, and publish changes in minutes. Schedules on PCs or web browsers are always current. Production employees know what’s expected and their progress is visible company-wide. Purchasers actually know what stock is needed and when. Sales people and customers can view the status of their jobs anytime, anywhere. Management can see important statistics like true available capacity, current loadings, and how much revenue is scheduled to ship. Just think of all the meetings you can cut out. Planners have complete control over the schedule and its conditions. See right away what happens when a press is down for two days waiting on a part; or you add overtime; or another shrink-wrapper. Play with splitting jobs; change machines, adjust quantities. Test potential jobs and reserve space for proposals or estimates. The ripple effects occur before your eyes. If you don’t like them – just undo or restore a saved schedule. When you’re satisfied, publish the changes for the shop and web. Finite capacity scheduling means you can’t over-schedule your resources – each work center does one operation at a time. You determine the sequence; Prestige Scheduler enforces the dependencies between operations and moves them for you. Jobs scheduled past their due date are clearly visible – now potential problems are addressed before they become fires. Amazingly easy with common sense logic and comprehensive control, Prestige Scheduler has the tools and features you need without the complexity you don’t. Many of our customers start scheduling the day after we install it. Learn More